From October 2019 to June 2020, Independent Forest Monitoring Network (JPIK) assessed the implementation of the Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK) through a series of analysis of the primary industry raw material supply chain and field monitoring in eight provinces. The results of the analysis and monitoring are written in a collection of fact sheets, as follows::

  1. Aceh: Findings from SVLK Implementation Monitoring for Non-producing Exporter, CV Bidika Perkasa
  2. Aceh: Monitoring the Performance of Industrial Forest PT Rencong Pulp and Paper Industry
  3. Banten: SVLK Implementation in the Primary Industry PD Sinar Agung
  4. Bengkulu: Indications of Illegal Logging Under Cover of Timber Utilization Permit for Oil Palm Plantation Clearing in Kaur District, Bengkulu Province
  5. East Java: The Timber Industry in East Java Ignores Timber Legality
  6. North Kalimantan: After Finding Violations, JPIK North Kalimantan Reports PT Adimitra Lestari to Certification Body
  7. North Kalimantan: PT Inhutani I Umi Juata Tarakan Ignored the North Kalimantan Province Environmental Management
  8. Riau: Illegal Logging in Bukit Rimbang Bukit Baling Wildlife Sanctuary in Kampar District, Riau Province
  9. Riau: Monitoring in CV Alam Riau Bertuah in Kampar District, Riau Province
  10. South Sumatera: Monitoring Illegal Logging in Production Forest Management Unit (KPHP) Unit III Lalan Mangsang Mendis
  11. West Kalimantan: Challenges in Obtaining Data and Information to Support Monitoring in PT Erna Djuliawati
  12. West Kalimantan: Poor Monitoring, Forest in Melawi District Clearly Cut by Timber Cukong

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