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PRESS RELEASE Environmental Crimes and Human Rights Violations by PT. TPL Findings of non-compliance with PT. Sustainable Forest Production Certification Standards (S-PHL) TPL

Medan, 18th
November 2021.

Deforestation in Indonesia is
largely the result of a corrupt political and economic system, which regards
Natural Resources, particularly forests, as a source of income that can be
exploited for political gain and corporate gain.

In North Sumatra, there is a PT.
TPL company has been practicing deforestation for decades, which has given rise
to various kinds …

The Common Folk Monitor – Dynamics of SVLK Monitoring by Indigenous/Local Communities in Indonesia

Surabaya, September 14, 2021. Monitoring results in five provinces found several violations in the implementation of the Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK). In the upstream, for example, the concession holder and the primary industry work together to practice illegal logging outside the concession. Two illegalities (timber and documents) were ‘transformed’ into legal and S-LK …

Statement of Solidarity for Kyaw Min Htut

We, the undersigned, have learned that our colleague, respected forests and rights defender and democracy advocate Kyaw Min Htut has been arrested and detained by the junta in Myanmar. He was arrested under the country’s Anti-Terrorist Act, Article 50, alleging he supported and gave financial help to groups classified as terrorists by the junta. …

The Urgency of Extending Palm Oil Moratorium to Accelerate Indonesia’s Palm Oil Governance Reform

Extending the Presidential
Instruction No.8 year 2019 about the Postponement and Palm Oil Permit
Evaluation and Increasing Productivity of Palm Oil known as palm oil moratorium
is a logical move for the government. This will create positive impact to
global market support, trigger land productivity, resolve land overlaps, and
contribute to the achievement of climate commitments.

Not extending the palm …