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Timber Distribution and Trade Traceability Must Be Strengthened to Ensure SVLK Credibility

Bogor, 27 August 2020. The latest independent monitoring report titled Assessing Compliance of Forest Timber Product Utilization and Trade Permit Holders exposes illegal logging in forest areas, as well as signs of recurring legal violations by Timber Legality Certificate (S-LK) holders, as well as uncertified companies.

From October 2019 to June 2020, the Independent Forest …

JPIK Newsletter 15th Edition “The Monitor”

Permits for the forestry industry are getting easier to be obtained through Draft Omnibus Bill on Job Creation, which claimed to create a just and prosperous society. Abolishment of the coop; exclusion of individual, local, and indigenous communities’ permits; access to forest resources that can be obtained only through collaboration with State-Owned Business Enterprises, …

Executive Summary “PHPL: From Legality to Sustainability”

In 2003, Indonesia started to develop an operator-based timber control
system for all its timber exports, building on a mandatory third-party
certification approach for legality and sustainability. The system, called Sistem
Verificasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK), became the basis for the Timber Legality
Assurance System (TLAS) under Indonesia’s Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA)
with the EU.

Indonesia went a step beyond …

Investigated by Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) Law Enforcement, Forest Land Fire Case of PT. Kumai Sentosa Immediately Tried

The Central Kalimantan Prosecutor’s Office stipulates that the file of criminal cases in forest and land fire corporations (KARHUTLA) PT. Kumai Sentosa (KS) is complete. The information was officially delivered on April 1st 2020 to the Law Enforcement Center (GAKKUM) forestry environment Kalimantan Region Palangkaraya Section. With this file complete, the case of PT. …