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KLHK Arrests Fugitive Sonokeling Timber financiers Illegal

Bandar Lampung, March 5, 2020. The Joint Team of the Sumatra Gakkum Office, Lampung Regional Police, and the Lampung Provincial Forest Service, March 4, 2020, arrested CP (46) illegal sonokeling wood cukong, residents of Ambarawa Village, Ambarawa District, Pringsewu Regency, which has since been 10 February 2020 became a fugitive. CP was arrested while …

Gakkum KLHK Detains Illegal Loggers in Raja Ampat

Sorong, February 6, 2020. The Papua Maluku Environmental Protection and Law Enforcement Operations Team succeeded in holding HN and S, two illegal logging actors along with 100 m3 of merbau (Intsia bijuga) wood of various sizes as evidence, in Kalwal Waters of Salawati Barat District, Raja Regency Ampat, 3 February 2020. Officers also secured …

Workshop and Training of Independent Investigation for Local/ Indigenous Communities in Three Regions (Java, Kalimantan, and Sumatera)

Investigators (PI) is one of the main actors in the Timber Legality Assurance
System (SVLK) in Indonesia. PI consists of civil society organizations and
communities who live around forest areas to monitor how the forestry actors implement
SVLK to ensure system accountability and credibility.

existence of PI to monitor SVLK implementation brings positive impacts on
efforts to improve …

Critical Note from the Independent Monitors “Improvement of SVLK Must Be Done Continuously To Increase Its Credibility and Accountability”

Implementation of Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) License as one of the achievements of Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) between Indonesia and the European Union have entered its third year since first implemented in November 2016. The agreement aims to ensure all timber products from Indonesia comply with the Timber Legality Assurance System …