Thursday (15/03) – The census results for companies holding PHPL Certificates (S-PHPL) in the 2014-2016 period were found on poor numbers on indicator 2.6 related to the company’s financial health and adequate level of investment and reinvestment.

Based on the findings of JPIK contained in the report “SVLK: Responsible Governance Process” S-PHPL assessment found a lot of bad numbers ​​in verifier scale of 2.6.1 and 2.6.3 about the condition of financial health and the implementation of proportional funds allocation. This is a big question mark in the practice of sustainable forest management.

According to JPIK, the total number of assessments on PHPL Certification (IUPHHK-HT and IUPHHK-HA) which received a bad score in Verifier 2.6.1 amounted to 74 and in Verifier 2.6.3 amounted to 71. This would certainly have an impact on solving forest management problems especially concerning social and ecological aspects.

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