Kerinci Seblat National Park is the largest national park on the island of Sumatra, namely 1,389,509,867[1] Ha. This National Park is located in 4 provinces, namely Bengkulu, Jambi, West Sumatra and South Sumatra. Most of the KSNP area is tropical rainforest which protects all the flora and fauna within it. Several wildlife species are considered endemic and endangered such as the Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Elephant, Sun Bear, Asian Tapir, Rafflesia, etc. Because of its critical value, UNESCO designated KSNP as a World Natural Heritage Site since 2004. However, unfortunately, in 2011 – until now KSNP was included in the Tropical Rainforest Heritage list with threatened status.

Illegal logging and land conversion are still rampant in National Parks. By utilizing Global Forest Watch, Forest Watcher and spatial analysis technology, JPIK carries out field monitoring. This monitoring was carried out by regional JPIK from 3 provinces, namely JPIK Bengkulu, JPIK West Sumatra, and JPIK South Sumatra in July-August 2023. From the results of JPIK monitoring in the field, it was found that land conversion, log ready to be transported on oil palm land in the area. The results of this field verification conclude that the use of GLAD-L Alert data in forest monitoring is very helpful and guides monitors to more appropriate locations.

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