Photo of  Log Transport Illustration 

Last August five companies allegedly using fake documents carrying timber from Papua’s forests have been caught. Arrests based on the suspicion of the Papua Forestry Service were proven after a string test was carried out on timber loaded with containers in the port of Jayapura. These companies include PT Mutiara Lestari Papua, CV Mandiri Perkasa, CV Wami Star, CV Puspa Yoga, and PT Intico Pratama.

PT Mutu Hijau Indonesia (MHI) as the Timber Legality Verification Agency (LVLK) that issued the S-LK Certificate of Timber Legality (S-LK) has sent a letter of confirmation to the Papua Forest Service to request an explanation regarding the truth of the news, but no response since it has been sent in September.

The five companies were then frozen. The decision took effect from September 6, 2018 until the suspension of the temporary suspension of operations (PSO) was revoked by the Head of the Papua Province Forestry Service.

Following up on the suspension of S-LK, PT MHI finally revoked two S-LK of the three companies involved, PT Mutiara Lestari Papua and CV Wami Star. The revocation action was taken because according to the results of the audit of PT MHI’s surveillance, the two companies were unable to resolve the non-conformity deemed critical until the time specified. While the S-LK process at three companies whose certificates are still frozen, is still awaiting confirmation of the sanctions being lifted by the Head of the Papua Province Forestry Service. The process of handling criminal acts for counterfeiting cases is also still JPIK waiting from the police based on the investigation of the Papua Forest Service.