Today, the Director General of the Gakkum LHK received a working visit of 20 members of the House of Representatives Commission IV in the framework of reviewing the evidence of catches as well as monitoring the follow-up of operations to capture illegal logs from Papua and West Papua. The meeting took place in the storage and security of evidence on Tambak Langong Street, Surabaya.

During his visit the House of Representatives Commission IV conducted a review of the handling of 384 containers of merbau wood originating from Papua and West Papua.

The House of Representatives Commission IV conveyed that this incident was evidence that illegal logging was still rife in Indonesia, despite existing laws that had been made jointly between the government and the Parliament, the Forestry Law, the Law on the Environment, the Law on Prevention and the eradication of illegal logging but evidence on the ground illegal logging still occurs.

The House of Representatives Commission IV also said that there was a flash flood environmental disaster in Papua one of which was due to land conversion, then illegal logging and there were still many environmental problems that had to be resolved.

This Illegal Loging case must be resolved immediately, for law enforcers to be clear, must be firm, must commit according to the law whoever violates must be legally processed. The House of Representatives Commission IV said that the government would report how many had been legally processed.

At the same time, DG Gakkum released a press release explaining the DPR’s visit and reporting on the Performance of the SDA Rescue Task Force in Tanah Papua, which included: 1) As of March 2019, 6 operations had been circulated and secured with 455 containers of evidence. 2) The development of the operation is divided into 37 cases and the handling of cases up to now the investigation process as many as 11 cases have investigated as many as 26 cases and have been detained by 6 suspects and 1 DPO.

In addition, KLHK today issued a press release about establishing status as a suspect against three directors of a timber company that owns 140 containers of illegal merbau from Jayapura. At present the three suspects have been detained for further investigation.

A press release regarding the determination of the suspect can be downloaded at the following link:

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