On September 23, 2010 a network of Independent Forestry Monitoring (JPIK) was formed in Jakarta by the civil society movement as a mandate from Minister of Forestry Regulation P.38 / 2009 to play a role in Forest Monitoring related to Performance Assessment of Sustainable Production Forest Management (PHPL) and Timber Legality Verification Standards (SVLK ) In essence, the regulation provides an opportunity for people outside the bureaucratic system to be involved in the certification processes of timber companies in Indonesia. Even though because of its independence, its status is like “stepchildren”, but its role is very important to monitor SVLK and PHPL. Since its establishment, JPIK which has members from 23 provinces in Indonesia has also taken the initiative, encouraged and fully involved in the process of changing P.38 / 2009 to P.68 / 2011. Its role in monitoring has also been carried out in almost all regions. JPIK The Region of Papua and West Papua has also been formed and has played its role since April 2011.

Source: http://sancapapuana.wordpress.com/