Independent Forest Monitoring Network (JPIK) publishes the 11th edition of the newsletter “The Monitor”.
In this 11th “The Monitor” newsletter, JPIK summarizes information on progress and views from various parties actively involved in developing improved forest governance in Indonesia.

This newsletter contains:

  • National Consolidation of Independent Monitors in Strengthening Forest Governance through Effective Monitoring
  • Sharing experiences with stakeholders in Asia and Africa
  • ADMINISTRATION VS SUBSTANCE The role of governance in implementing forest legality and sustainability
  • Sonokeling: Illegal Loging Commodity in Lampung Province
  • Tenurial Conflict in PHPL Certified Company: A Reflection from Tapak (Jambi)
  • Indigenous Peoples and Their Living Spaces: Affirming the Agenda for Post-Establishment of Customary Forests
  • Social Forestry as the Prevention of Natural Resource Exploitation in the Anak Batang River, Indragiri Hilir, Riau

Download the 11th edition of the newsletter “The Monitor” in the following link :

The Monitor versi bahasa

The Monitor english version