The Forest Independent Monitoring Network (JPIK) of Riau Focal Point will monitor the process of Sustainable Production Forest Management (PHPL) certification with a mandatory (mandatory) scheme issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry.

In accordance with the information gathered, PT Arara Abadi has obtained this PHPL certificate with a good title for the operational area in accordance with the permit granted by the Minister of Forestry No. 743 / Kpts-II / 1996 November 25, 1996.

According to the JPIK Focal Point for Riau Province, Zainuri Hasyim this unification process will be carried out throughout the PT Arara Abadi area in accordance with their permits covering 299,975 hectares spread in 5 (five) districts (Pelalawan, Siak, Kampar, Rokan Hilir and siak) and 1 (one) city of Dumai. “We will carry out monitoring of the PT Arara Abadi PHPL certification process that has received a certificate with a predicate for both their operational areas in 5 regencies and 1 city in Riau Province,” said Hasyim.

He added, this monitoring process would cover 3 (three) matters concerning licensing / legality aspects, the PHPL certification process carried out by the Certification Institution, namely PT Sarbi International Certification and the last was the aspect of PT Arara Abadi’s field performance. “The aspects that we want to monitor include the licensing and legality aspects of PT Arara Abadi as a whole, secondly we want to get an idea of the SFM certification process carried out by PT Sarbi International Certification as a certification body and the three aspects of PT Arara Abadi’s field performance carried out during this”. he said!

The results obtained during the monitoring process are expected to be an input for improvement in the performance of PT Arara Abadi, especially for the environment and the community around the operational location of PT Aarara Abadi.

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