The coalition of civil society in Indonesia submits an open letter to the President of Indonesia and the President of the European Union Council and leaders of European Union member countries. To encourage the Indonesian government to look more deeply at the impact of oil palm plantation businesses such as the causes of forest destruction, land grabbing, human rights violations, corruption and environmental disasters.

An open letter related to the decision of the European Union which is currently in the process of reviewing the proposal of Renewleble Energy Directif (RED) which seeks that from 2021 the contribution of biofuels (biofuels) and vegetable liquids (bioliquid) produced from palm oil will stopped because it allegedly originated from the practice of depriving people of their rights to land, exploitation of labor rights and destruction of forests which have implications for deforestation and global warming.

Until this month in May 2018, an open letter has been signed by 236 civil society organizations that will be directly submitted to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, the European Union Council, the European Commission and the Leaders of European Countries.

Read the full contents of the open letter here : Surat Terbuka (bahasa)Open Letter to President and EU Commision