This monitoring is carried out by JPIK Jambi in May – June 2016.

CV Agung Jaya Utama obtained an IPHH permit through SK. 101,325 in 2004 which was extended through SK 891/1500 / UIPHHK / II on July 21, 2012. CV AJU operates every day, receives wood originating from Pulau Bayur Village, Rantau Limau Kapas Village, Lubuk Birah Village, Koto Koto Teguh Village, Tanjung Dalam Village, Bukit Punjung New Village and Sakai River Village. Timber transportation lines from Pulau Bayur Village and Rantau Village Limau Kapas through two lanes, namely the river lane to the port of Kayu, Pulau Bayur Village, and then by land to the saw mill location. From the new village of Bukit Punjung and the Sakai River Village also through two lanes, namely the river lane to the Sukai Village Wooden port and continued by land route to the saw mill location. While from Lubuk Birah Village, Koto Tapus Village and Tanjung Dalam Village, timber is transported by land. The wood that goes into the CV AJU saw mill is already in the form of beams, according to the wood transporters, they do not dare to carry logs because besides being difficult, the risk is quite high. This means that cutting and processing wood into blocks of various sizes is carried out in the felling location. After refining and processing according to the order at CV AJU, the wood is then transported and marketed to various regions such as Jakarta (for export), South Sumatra, Bungo Regency and Bangko City (wooden ward).

Figure 1. Source of wood raw material that goes to CV Agung Jaya Utama