Monitoring was carried out by JPIK Riau in August – September 2016

Monitoring results indicate an indication of incompatibility:

There is a boundary conflict between the community and PT Ruas Utama Jaya in Jumrah and Teluk Village Villages, Rokan Hilir Block and Nerbit Village in Dumai Block, besides that there is overlapping use of the area between PT Ruas Utama Jaya and the community due to the lack of socialization by the company.
The use of areas outside the forestry sector. Where encroachment was found in the concession reaching 15,000 hectares of the two blocks of PT Ruas Utama Jaya in the Dumai block and Rokan Hilir, the area has been converted into an oil palm plantation.
The community around PT Ruas Utama Jaya has never been involved in the process of establishing protected areas, besides that there is no protected area around the Dumai Block because there is no PT Ruas Utama Jaya operation in the area.
A complaint report was submitted to PT Equality Indonesia on November 21, 2016. On December 1, 2016, PT Equality Indonesia responded that the results of the assessment conducted by PT Equality Indonesia were in accordance with the assessment norms referring to Perdirjen No. 14 of 2014.