Illegal logging and circulation of illegal timber in Papua in recent months has increased. The rise of these cases is a serious concern of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). In an effort to prevent the KPK from coordinating and supervising (Korsup) to improve the management of forest resources in Papua.

The increase in cases of illegal logging in Papua is one of them marked by the arrest of containers containing processed wood in Papua in May. The joint team of SPORC Section III Gakkum Kangaroo Brigade LHK, Papua Regional Police secured as many as 953 stems, equivalent to 14.73 cubic meters of processed wood with fake documents published by CV Puspa Yoga.

Previously similar cases also occurred in Papua in April. The smuggling of 960 illegal tree trunks has been secured by Papuan Regional Police officers. The woods are planned to be sent to Java to be marketed.

There needs to be serious action to deal with cases of illegal logging that are increasingly prevalent in Papua. System improvement and law enforcement are the main ways to improve forest governance in Papua and other regions in Indonesia.