SILK as a center for timber legality information in Indonesia is currently a reference for many parties both at home and abroad. Thus this information system must continue to be developed to support the implementation of the SVLK in more directions. In addition, this information system is also expected to be one tool for improving public information disclosure within the KLHK. The process of providing, collecting, classifying, documenting, and providing information services at SILK must be continuously improved.

Some of the improvements that can be made at SILK include

(i) the need for additional information regarding SVLK monitoring activities. At present, the page about Independent Monitors at SILK has not been properly filled in with information (still empty),

(ii) the need to ensure all information about the assessment plan and public resume the results of the assessment have been uploaded properly. Currently, there are still public resumes that have not yet been uploaded,

(iii) the need to add information about importing forestry products so that the public who needs the data can easily find data,

(iv) the need for information on law enforcement related to SVLK.

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