JPIK 6th Edition Newsletter. The JPIK newsletter provides updates on the SVLK as well as several activities carried out by the National JPIK or JPIK regions. In this 6th edition, it not only provides updates on the SVLK but also the ISPO (Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil System), one of the systems for sustainable palm oil plantation development.

The 6th edition of the JPIK newsletter contains:

  • Maintaining SVLK Credibility through Independent Monitoring
  • JPIK Increases Monitoring Capacity for its Members
  • Sustainability of DKP Implementation Can Injury SVLK
  • Wood, Business, and Fear of Indigenous Peoples
  • Development of EU-IDN Periodic Evaluation (PE) FLEGT VPA
    Redesign of ISPO for Improvement of Indonesian Palm Oil Industry Management
  • Goals of Improvement and the Role of the Parties

The newsletter can be downloaded via the following link: