As a rule governing forest governance, the timber legality verification system (SVLK) requires aspects of public involvement in the form of supervision in its implementation. Supervision of the certification process carried out by CSOs (called Independent Monitors) is a recognized part, as a manifestation of public involvement. The Forestry Independent Monitoring Network (JPIK) was declared in September 2010 as a CSO forum for monitoring certification in the forestry sector. The birth of this network organization does not necessarily make the process of monitoring certification immediately rampant.

Among the few monitoring processes carried out, monitoring the PK-PHPL certification process for PT Sumatera Riang Lestari (PT SRL) is one of the monitoring carried out in Riau Province by JPIK. The choice for monitoring is based on the many problems that occur and arise over the company’s performance. Issues include aspects of licensing, social aspects, and ecological aspects (these three aspects are part of the assessment aspects in the SVLK).

In the monitoring process, Independent Monitors found various facts and data which were a real picture of the implementation of Minister of Forestry Regulation P.38 / 2009. This condition is a real reality of the implementation of certification at the field level, which has succeeded in photographing the dynamics in the implementation of certification and the dynamics in the monitoring process, which includes problems in information disclosure, procedures for assessment, and views of the parties. The monitoring process is expected to be a valuable experience that needs to be widely known to the public, so that it can become a shared lesson learned.

By: Zainuri Hasyim and Hisam Setiawan (Riau Focal Point)

Pengalaman Pemantauan Sertifikasi PK-PHPL dalam Skema SVLK untuk PT Sumatera Riang Lestari di Provinsi Riau