Mataram, 15 February 2019. Environmental and Forestry Investigators (PPHS LHK) Directorate General of Law Enforcement (Gakkum) KLHK working with PPNS LHK Office of West Nusa Tenggara Province succeeded in dismantling illegal logging practices in Labuhan Lombok, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province . The joint investigation team in addition to securing 3 suspects, also confiscated evidence of illegal logging in the form of 177 cubic meters of wood (equivalent to 11 containers), a set of fake documents for the legality of processed wood products (SKSHHKO) and 1 sailboat unit Motorbike “Bunga Yuliana” with a weight of 102 tons.

After the chain of custody was conducted, it was thought that the origin of the processed wood came from the North Buton Wildlife Reserve Conservation Area, North Buton Regency. It is indicated that the suspect committed a crime with the illegal use of timber using permit documents and illegal timber transportations that were made to appear to be legal.

The state and environmental losses due to this crime are estimated to be at least Rp. 3.5 billion, with the calculation of unpaid PNBP (PSDH & DR) amounting to Rp. 270 million plus a 10-fold fine, and Rp. 800 million in stolen timber losses due to ecosystem damage are invaluable. Meanwhile the evidence that has been confiscated in the form of wood and motorized sailing boats will be confiscated to the state in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The Investigation Team has carried out a series of investigative processes and determined three people as individual suspects, one of whom (a suspect a.n. DAG) has been declared complete by the West Nusa Tenggara High Prosecutor’s Office. The suspect was charged with Article 83 paragraph (1) letter b Jo. Article 12 letter e and / or Article 88 paragraph (1) letter b Jo. Article 14 letter a and b and / or Article 94 paragraph (1) letter d Jo. Article 19 letter f of Republic of Indonesia Law Number 18 Year 2013 concerning Prevention and Eradication of Forest Destruction and / or Article 78 paragraph (5) Jo. Article 50 paragraph (3) letter e Republic of Indonesia Law Number 41 of 1999 concerning Forestry Jo. Article 55 paragraph (1) 1st Criminal Code. The suspect is threatened with imprisonment for a minimum of 8 (eight) years and a maximum of 15 (fifteen) years and a fine of at least Rp.10,000,000,000.00 (ten billion rupiahs) and a maximum of Rp.100,000,000,000.00 (one hundred billion rupiah).

The KLHK Criminal Law Enforcement Director, Yazid Nurhuda, emphasized that handling these illegal logging cases was the result of joint work between the LHK Gakkum investigators and the NTB Province LHK Service. Collaboration on this investigation needs to be used as an example and replicated to other regions because it is proven to be able to make the law enforcement process be carried out effectively and is expected to provide a deterrent effect for perpetrators of illegal logging.

Yazid added, KLHK continues to strive to always be committed and serious in saving natural resources and state assets as well as taking firm action against perpetrators of natural resource crimes, especially perpetrators of illegal logging.

Elsewhere, the Director General of Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Dr. Rasio Ridho Sani, stressed that the work of investigators in eradicating the practice of illegal logging shows the commitment and consistency of LHK law enforcement. In this 3.5 years, KLHK has brought 595 LHK cases to court, both related to criminal and civil matters. We will use all legal instruments to strengthen the deterrent effect, said Rasio Sani. Recently the LHK PPNS has succeeded in prosecuting 384 containers of illegal timber from Papua in December 2018 to January 2019. The synergy and collaboration in handling illegal logging cases is expected to be best practice by law enforcement officials in handling other environmental and forestry crime cases.

Right now, the LHK Investigator has submitted evidence and suspects (Phase II) to the NTB High Prosecutor General Prosecutor’s Office. Meanwhile, there are still five people allegedly involved in this illegal logging practice and law enforcement will soon be processed, two DPOs and three people are in North Buton, Southeast Sulawesi Province.

Source: Press Release of LHK Director General of Gakkum

Contact: Yazid Nurhuda
No. Tel. : 082113880397