The South Sulawesi Independent Forestry Monitoring Network (JPIK) has formed a monitoring team. The team consisting of a network of JPIK South Sulawesi members will conduct monitoring or monitoring of timber legality verification. For the first stage, the audit team for the Timber Legality Verification (VLK) audit process for the PT. Panply in Palopo and PT. Katingan Timber Celebes (KTC).

The monitoring process was coordinated by Asmar Exwar from JURnaL Celebes as a JPIK South Sulawesi vocal point, and supported by the Sulawesi Community Foundation (SCF). The monitoring participants were alumni from the workshop and training on forestry monitors carried out by the SCF last March. The monitoring team consisted of two groups of one group to monitor the VLK audit of PT KTC and another group monitoring PT Pamply in Palopo.

The team that monitors at PT KTC consists of Alaexander from Perak as coordinator with Muhammad Arman from LBH Makassar, and Erwin from the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) of South Sulawesi. While the monitoring team at PT Pamply are Baso from Lingkar as coordinators, Iqbal from Walacea and Sahbuddin from the Sawerigading Earth Association (PBS). The monitoring team started last weekend to have an intensive meeting to discuss sharing preparations, especially coordination with the South Sulawesi Office of Forestry and related parties.

JPIK was formed in 2010 based on Minister of Forestry Regulation Number 38 of 2009 concerning Standards and Guidelines for Assessment of Performance of Sustainable Production Forest Management and Verification of Timber Legality, as well as No. 2 and P No. 6.