“The Monitor” has been published.

The Independent Forestry Monitoring Network (JPIK) publishes the 7th edition of the newsletter by changing the appearance that is different from the previous one and giving a newsletter titled ‘The Monitor’. This information media continues to highlight the developments that occur in relation to forest management in Indonesia, FLEGT-VPA development updates, and the development of activities carried out by JPIK.

The Monitor contains:

  • Development of EU-IDN FLEGT-VPA Periodic Evaluation (PE)
  • JPIK Shares Experience with Four Countries in Building Independent Forestry Monitors
  • KLHK Holds a Meeting for Independent Monitors and Certification Bodies to Establish Communication and Coordination East Java: 2017 Upstream Monitoring
  • JPIK Will Immediately Publish Report on SVLK Implementation for the 2014-2016 Period
  • Forestry Governance Training “Strengthening the Role of Non Government Parties in Forestry Governance in Indonesia”
  • The Role of Unmanned Aircraft Technology in Forest Monitoring in Central Kalimantan

The Monitor can be downloaded on the following link:
Download “The Monitor” Versi Bahasa Indonesia

Download “The Monitor” English Version