The Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) is an instrument for reforming good governance through verification of certainty that only legal timber is harvested, transported, processed and marketed by Indonesia’s forestry business units. The implementation of this system is in line with the aim of eradicating illegal logging and illegal timber trade, which are also pursued through a law enforcement approach. SVLK was built by Indonesia through multistakeholder initiatives and processes since 2001 -LSM and civil society groups including indigenous peoples, entrepreneurs / private sectors, academics / universities, the Government, and parties concerned about forest sustainability-to be set forth in the form of regulations namely Minister of Forestry Regulation (Minister of Forestry Regulation) P.38 / 2009 in 2009.

JPIK publishes the fourth newsletter. The fourth edition of the JPIK newsletter contains:

  1. Regulatory developments related to the implementation of the Timber Legality Verification System
  2. Regulatory Regulation of the Timber Legality Scheme Weakens Forestry Governance Reform, Threatens EU Market Access for Indonesian Furniture Exports, and Harms Indonesian Brands.
    Non-compliance with SVLK, Denial of Policies to Protect Natural Forests and Peatlands
  3. JPIK at the Climate Change Conference at UNFCCC COP21: Important Roles & Challenges of Independent Monitoring in Strengthening the SVLK.
  4. JPIK Monitor the Implementation of SVLK in North Sumatra, North Kalimantan and North Maluku
  5. Publication of the implementation of SVLK Certification has not been fully implemented
  6. Passive Response of the Police to Complaints on Illegal Logging Indications in Central Kalimantan
  7. Counterfeiting of Timber Legality Certificate (S-LK) in East Java
    JPIK National Meeting
  8. Profile of the JPIK National Dynamics 2015-2017 Period

The fourth edition of the JPIK newsletter is downloaded via the following link:

Indonesia (PDF),

English (PDF),