The Directorate of Sustainable Production Forest Management, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) is facilitated by a Multistakeholder Forestry Program (MFP3) carrying out the activity entitled “Communication and Coordination of Independent Assessment and Verification Institutions (LP & VI) and Independent Monitors (PI) today (15 August 2017) in Bogor. PI and LP & VI greatly appreciated the efforts of KLHK and MFP3 in bridging the two sides to establish communication and coordination through this meeting.

In this meeting, it is expected to discuss at least six points that are considered important to be discussed together, including the process and implementation of the audit, how LP & VI and PI view the principles, criteria and indicators in SVLK, information disclosure, settlement of cases related to SVLK, sustainability of monitoring funding for independent monitor, implementation of monitoring, and revision of Perdirjen PHPL.

KLHK believes that the existence of LP & VI and PI is a key element in safeguarding and guaranteeing the credibility of the SVLK because it is important for the PI and LP & VI to establish communication and coordination. Ayamaru added “With the complaint report submitted by PI, it can be an improvement for LP & VI’s work going forward, in addition, the complaint report submitted by the PI is also expected to be a construction effort in the implementation of the SVLK”. On the other hand, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as a regulator must participate in the PI and LP & VI complaint resolution process.

Various inputs and recommendations produced in this meeting, both to the PI, to LP & VI, and to KLHK as the system owner. In addition, to ensure continuity of monitoring, the Independent Forestry Monitoring Foundation (YPIK) hopes that the initiation of trust funds that have been established by multi-stakeholders can also be supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry through the Director General of SVLK.

The meeting to build communication and coordination between the PI and LP & VI is important to continue to be carried out. The hope is that such activities can continue to be carried out regularly, so that the cooperation between the PI and LP & VI can be increased and maintained in ensuring the credibility of the SVLK.