Law Enforcement Center Maluku and Papua Region, March 18, 2020, set IQ (Commissioner CV SBM) as a suspect in illegal logging and detained him in the Maluku Regional Police Prison, Ambon. They also secured evidence, namely 1 Komatsu-brand heavy loader, 2 Caterpillar bulldozers, and 25 logs of various sizes and types. The logs were allegedly the result of illegal logging by CV Sumber Berkat Makmur (SBM), in Sabuai Village, Siwalalat District, East Seram District, Maluku Province.

“At present the Papua Maluku Gakkum Investigator is still investigating and completing the case. All evidence has been confiscated from the Class II Hunimoa Plain District Court, “said Yosep Nong, Head of Ambon Region II Section, Balai Gakkum Maluku Papua, March 19, 2020. Investigators will ensnare IQ with Article 12 Letter k Jo. Article 87 Paragraph 1 Letter 1 and / or Article 19 Letter a Jo. Article 94 Paragraph 1 Letter a, Law No. 18 of 2013 concerning Prevention and Eradication of Forest Destruction, with the maximum penalty of imprisonment of 15 years and maximum imprisonment of Rp 100 billion, said Yosep Nong added.

Arrest operations began with information about illegal logging activities in online media. Then the Balai Gakkum intelligence team – after collecting more data and information – followed up with the Forest Safeguard Operation and Distribution of Forest Products on March 4, 2020. The team continued with the investigation and then retained IQ and confiscated evidence on March 18, 2020.

Ratio Ridho Sani, Director General of Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry said that eradicating forest destruction, especially illegal logging, is a KLHK priority. Illegal logging crimes in Maluku, Papua and several other areas are still rife. We have taken action on 373 illegal logging cases. Illegal logging not only harms the country, but also threatens human safety, disrupting the balance of nature.

Perpetrators of crimes like this must be punished severely. They must be dealt with firmly. We can’t let crimes like this keep happening. Looking for profits by harming the country, sacrificing the environment and public safety is an extraordinary crime. It is fitting for them to be severely punished. We are very serious and will not stop cracking down on illegal logging offenders, said Ratio Sani.

Source: Directorate General of KLHK Law Enforcement