Teak Lawasan Furniture – Somad polishes the furniture ordered by its customers made from old reconditioned teak wood in its workshop in Cinangka, Sawangan, Depok. Old teak furniture (interior) is sought after by many buyers because the model is unique, the quality of the wood is good, and the price is affordable. Craftsmen also prefer old furniture for reconditioning because the supply of new teak wood is relatively difficult and expensive.

SURABAYA, – Nine containers of teak wood valued at almost Rp 1 billion were secured by the Surabaya Tanjung Perak Port Police on Thursday (9/20/2014). The wood from Bau Bau, Southeast Sulawesi is for raw materials for Jepara meubel, Central Java.

The nine containers containing thousands of Teak logs proved to be incompatible between the physical form and documents carried by the sender. For example, in the document stated that the wood shipped was 19 cubic feet, it turned out that the inspection proved to be 21 cubic meters. In the document also explained as sawn timber, it turns out logs.

“The physical form of logs is only on the outside, on the inside, in the form of sawn timber,” said Kasatreskrim of Tanjung Perak Port Police, AKP Aldi Sulaiman, Thursday (09/20/2014). The sender of the wood, said Aldi, misused the timber forest transportation document issued by the authorized official. The wood transported by KM Bali Tabanan was secured during transit in the PT SPIL 9 container depot on Jalan Tanjung Batu Surabaya.

The wood from the sender, CV ARD G, will be sent to five customers, both individuals and business institutions in Jepara, Central Java, for the needs of furniture materials.
“A suspected sender, we are currently checking intensively, and will be developed to the receptors or recipients,” he explained.

Who is proven to be involved in the action violates Article 88, Law Number 18 Year 2013 concerning Prevention and Eradication of Forest Damage, with the threat of a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment, and a fine of Rp 2.5 billion.

Repost: Kompas.com