As a result of the logs monitoring in East Java ports, many unloading of V-Legal timber. Until the legality of timber entering the industry is questionable. What will happen if the export policy for the wood furniture industry and the obligation are not compulsory for the SVLK? Photo: JPIK East Java

“If I hear the issue of DE (export declaration) wants a patent, it’s a step backward. It’s like doing a high school question, then back to elementary school. ”As soon as the Jepara craftsman responded, Febti Estiningsih, when she heard about the planned changes in the export of wooden and craft furniture products, there was no need to use V-Legal documents.

He told me, the initial period of getting the document. In 2012, when hearing, handicrafts and furniture products must have wood certification, Febti tried to find out. In 2012, he also managed the process of obtaining a timber legality verification certificate (SVLK). “Someone said, why bother. I want my business to grow. I just want to upgrade the company in the hope that this system can lift the business, “he said in Jakarta, Monday (5/10/15).

In 2013, he held the SVLK document. The Jepara craftsman, owner of CV Tita International, is also relieved and proud. Confidence increases. He also confidently advertised the company by giving information, the V-Legal owner.

The buyers come slowly. “I found buyers. Even though my company is small. I dare to put up billboards, with V-legal. There are stray Japanese buyers because of my signpost. They say, the government has rules that can be a positive value for them, “said Febti.

Now, he can feel the results of using this V-Legal document. Every month, at least he exports two product containers. He was worried when he heard the news the government wanted to reduce the degree by removing the obligation to certify wood for the business of wood furniture and crafts. “The government has taken one step further to regulate the state’s assets, namely forests. I am an exporter of Jepara from early 2012, daring to decide to implement the SVLK because it is mandatory. “

With this obligation, buyers who have fled out of Jepara again believe in companies that obey the rules. Indeed, he said, in Jepara, business people responded to the pros and cons of this rule. However, he considered, this SVLK was far better than having to reduce the degree.

Not far different was revealed by Eva Krisdiana, UD timber trader. TNS Divine Blessing, Jepara. He felt many benefits from having an SVLK. “We can clearly know the source of wood used and export wood. The origin of my wood is clear. Management of timber entry and exit is also clear, “said the woman who is also the Chairperson of the TPT Group, KUB Cipta Maju Jaya Wood.

Business management is also regular. With SVLK, they manage businesses to become more professional even though small companies, a year under 2,000 cubic meters. “Previously, for example, I didn’t know where wood came from, not wood chips. There are debt people painted on the wall. Even the note was diverted by his wife. Never know what wood. So, we see that SVLK helps small companies implement good management. “

In addition, with the SVLK, it has a positive impact on increasing buyers. “Even though small companies, we are clear. There are legalities, permits exist, clear timber sales. “

In the past, he said, many timber shelters were not licensed. Only registered shelters (TPT) are licensed. “Anyway, as long as you buy wood. Where don’t you go from? “With the SVLK, he said, socialization to traders went on. Initially not knowing the rules, now getting to know the SVLK. “The person who previously fell asleep, was awakened.”