The latest report on the Network of Independent Forestry Monitors (JPIK) – the Loss of Our Forests and Peatlands – reveals systematic and extensive encroachment, as well as illegal logging within the Sebangau National Park (Sebangau National Park) reaching up to the rehabilitation zone and jungle zone.

Sebangau National Park in Central Kalimantan Province plays an important role in the protection of peatlands. Of the 2.7 million hectares of the province’s peatlands, 462,718, 25 hectares (17.4 percent) are in national parks, which cover 81 percent of the total national park area.

However, instead of being protected and conserved to maintain the hydrological cycle of the area and acting as a carbon sink, monitoring by the Indonesian Independent Forestry Monitoring Network (JPIK) shows systematic and extensive encroachment and illegal logging. This illegal activity reaches far into the rehabilitation zone and jungle zone.

JPIK conducted a number of monitoring activities from the end of 2016 to early 2018 and found that the forest had been cleared and burned to be used as oil palm plantations in Tangkiling and Marang, Bukit Batu sub-district in Palangkaraya, one of the Sebangau National Park management units. JPIK also found that illegal logging took place inside national parks, whose timber was allegedly used to supply the local timber industry.

During a visit to Marang, JPIK found a farmer group named Saluang Welum which controls more than 1,000 ha of land, some of which are located within the Sebangau National Park. According to information gathered from the community and the land plan of the Saluang Welum farmer group, this farmer group is well known in the circle of the Palangkaraya City Government; The Mayor of Palangkaraya, Deputy Mayor and other legislative members are alleged to be on the list of members. The access road that cuts the national park was built by the Office of Public Works and Spatial Planning of Palangkaraya City to facilitate this farmer group.

Although JPIK has submitted a report and there have been a number of media articles containing this case, the government still has not acted. This caused serious concern about the fate of Sebangau National Park.

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