BLORA – JPIK (Central Forestry Independent Monitoring Network) with LBH (Semarang Legal Aid Institute) has met Suwono (68 years) at the GERAM secretariat (Gerakan Rakyat Gugat) Blora (03/13/2014). The presence of JPIK and LBH Semarang to conduct an investigation related to the alleged seizure of land owned by Suwono in Tanggel village, Randublatung Blora sub-district by Perhutani KPH Randublatung. At this meeting, Suwono specifically appointed LBH Semarang to become his legal counsel.

According to Zaenal Arifin, SH from LBH Semarang, the case that Suwono is facing is caused by the non-role of stakeholders, who actually have the authority to solve it. “Suwono has proof of legal land ownership, recorded in Book C Village, Petok D land letter, there is a statement from the family and actively pays Land and Building Taxes / SPPT. The evidence has been recorded / justified starting at the village level and then became the basis for the issuance of the SPPT on behalf of Suwono by the Blora Pratama Tax office, should, when Suwono face a land dispute with Perhutani, the Village Head / Village Equipment of Tanggel, the Head of Randublatung District and Blora Regent put himself as a government apparatus who helped protect and engage in dispute resolution efforts that is being faced by its citizens “, said Zaenal as the Land Division of LBH Semarang.

Meanwhile Suwono and his family have been displaced for 4 (four) months to save themselves from terror and intimidation by a group of unknown people. “Until when this issue will be resolved. About 4 months our complaint has not been responded to by related parties while we have been living in refugee camps and the fate of being left in limbo is unclear,” said Sumiyati, wife of Suwono with watery eyes.

As is known, KOMNAS HAM paid attention to the case that was being faced by Suwono and planned in the near future to make a visit to Blora. Meanwhile, JPIC Central Java Fokal Poin, Andrianto said that the results of the investigation of Suwono will soon be forwarded to the certification body of PT. SGS Qualifor and also the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which has issued a Certificate “Standard of Controlled Timber for Forest Management Companies” to Perhutani KPH Randublatung, Blora. “The results of this investigation will be our second complaint / complaint report to SGS Qualifor. Officially, we have submitted a report to SGS Qualifor by including all the evidence that Suwono had on last January 17, 2014. Alhamdulillah, the case that Suwono is facing is getting direct attention from FSC International, based in Bonn, Germany, “continued Andri.

The results of the investigation meeting that went on for the marathon for approximately 3 hours were followed up with the submission of the Law No. booklet. 16/2011 concerning Legal Aid from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to Suwono and GERAM. In addition, the Semarang Legal Aid Institute has prepared a clarification letter for Blora Regional Police regarding the invitation for clarification aimed at Suwono, who is suspected of carrying out land grabbing owned by Perhutani. The clarification letter was also sent to 4 (four) high-ranking State institutions in Indonesia, namely: Head of the National Land Agency, Head of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia, Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia and National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM).

For this reason, on this occasion GERAM (Gerakan Rakyat Menggugat), an international networked independent organization engaged in the field of social humanity and the environment conveyed the following statement:

Support the handling efforts of law enforcement officials to immediately resolve problems and cases of land claims in Tanggel Village.
Protect the right of life of citizens and farmers to their cultivated land.
Strongly criticized acts of intimidation and terror committed to Suwono and the farmers of Tanggel Village, Randublatung District, Blora Regency.
Blora, March 14, 2014
GERAM (People’s Movement Sues)