Monitoring on PT Sumatera Riang Lestari Block IV

Monitoring was carried out by JPIK Riau in August – September 2016.

The results of monitoring SVLK implementation conducted by JPIK Riau in September 2017 found that:

SRL SRL is included in one of the 23 land burners subject to administrative sanctions for freezing licenses based on the press release of the Secretariat General of the …


Monitoring activities are core activities carried out by JPIK, in addition to training and actively involved in reviewing systems related to SVLK and forest governance. JPIK monitoring is not only limited to monitoring the implementation of forest certification within the SVLK scope, but also on the focus of environmental crime actions such as illegal …

Monitoring on CV Agung Jaya Utama

This monitoring is carried out by JPIK Jambi in May – June 2016.

CV Agung Jaya Utama obtained an IPHH permit through SK. 101,325 in 2004 which was extended through SK 891/1500 / UIPHHK / II on July 21, 2012. CV AJU operates every day, receives wood originating from Pulau Bayur Village, Rantau Limau Kapas …

Monitoring on PT Fajar Surya Swadaya

Monitoring done by JPIK East Kalimantan in July – August 2016.

The findings of the monitoring of SVLK implementation conducted by JPIK East Kalimantan in July – August 2016 include:

There was no socialization by the company or the village government regarding the establishment of PT Fajar Surya Swadaya in Muara Toyu Village, Muara Pias Village, …

Monitoring on PT Intraca Hutani Lestari

Monitoring done by JPIK North Kalimantan in August 2016.

The monitoring results indicate a discrepancy:

Verifier1.4. In the first observation, there was a change in the function of the production forest area to APL covering an area of ​​± 11,470.87 Ha and from the company had not made a long-term planning change (revised RKUPHHK-HT) because the …