The Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) began to be implemented in Indonesia since September 2009. Implementation of SVLK in Indonesia to ensure that all timber products that are circulating and traded in Indonesia have a convincing legal status. In addition, SVLK was also developed to encourage the implementation of applicable government regulations relating to the trade and circulation of legal forest products. SVLK is applied mandatory to improve the efficiency of forest management and maintain the credibility of timber legality from Indonesia.

Independent monitors have become part of the SVLK system, and play a role in monitoring the implementation of the SVLK. The Network of Independent Forestry Monitors (JPIK) was formed as a manifestation of commitment to actively contribute in promoting improvements in forestry governance and accountability of SVLK implementation. Since 2011, JPIK has been actively involved in SVLK implementation. During 3 years of monitoring, JPIK has monitored the implementation of SVLK for 34 companies, of which 31 companies have submitted Timber Legality Certifications, and 3 companies have not submitted certification. In addition, JPIK also conducted an analysis of the SVLK until June 2014 based on the results of the massacre that had been carried out.

Based on this, JPIK has prepared a report on the results of monitoring the implementation of the SVLK and the results of the analysis of the SVLK system. The preparation of the report aims to report on the results of monitoring and analysis of SVLK implementation, so that it can be a constructive input to strengthen the implementation of the SVLK system in the future.

JPIK Report “SVLK in the Eyes of Independent Monitors – Monitoring and Review of Implementation of the Timber Legality Verification System 2011 – 2013” can be downloaded at the following link: SVLK dimata PemantauSVLK in The Eyes of Monitor