On this “The Monitor” 12th edition newsletter, we share various information on progress and improvement of forest management in Indonesia.

In last December 2018, the Independent Forest Monitoring Network (IMFN) as one of Indonesia representatives was invited to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) meeting in Bangkok. It was a commemoration of International Anti-Corruption Day. IMFN participates to fight forest crimes and corruption through independent monitoring.

Since last year, the Law Enforcement (Gakkum) of Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) improves their intensity to combat illegal timber trading. In December 2018, for example, Gakkum MoEF confiscated total of 384 containers of illegal merbau timber in Surabaya. Performance of Gakkum MoEF must be appreciated, while on the other side it showed that illegal logging activities continue to happen.

Moreover, trial of land and forest-destroyer company, PT Jatim Jaya Perkasa (JJP) in Riau had been finished. The court ruling had been decided and it is legally binding. However, it affected Prof. Bambang Hero Saharjo, the expert witness of the case. He was sued by PT JJP who objected with his testimony. Other issue covered in this edition related to the IMFN efforts to access data and information that still face obstacles. Requests of data that IMFN submitted are difficult and time-consuming. Data and information are very critical to support IMFN monitoring activities for improvement of forest management in Indonesia.

Furthermore, process of Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) redesigning, a government initiative, is expected to improve palm oil plantation governance. However, it seems forgetting and out of the track. Two principles related to human rights, and traceability and transparency were not included. It is a step back to develop a credible system.

Other news also came from various places. From Papua Island, this edition covers women’s role on make use of sago forest in Manyaifun. From Sangiang Island, a man fights to take care of land and environment from the company encroachment.

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