Surabaya, January 16, 2019. The Directorate General of Law Enforcement of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (DG Gakkum KLHK) once again secured 199 illegal wooden containers in Surabaya. So that within a month KLHK has secured 384 illegal wooden containers from Papua through four security operations in Surabaya and Makassar.

The operation of illegal timber enforcement is the government’s commitment to safeguard natural resources and protect the perpetrators of natural resource crimes.

The first operation on December 8, 2018, Gakkum KLHK managed to secure 40 containers in Surabaya. Then the second operation, January 4, 2019 managed to secure 88 containers in Surabaya. On January 5, 2019, Gakkum KLHK held 57 illegal wood containers in Makassar. Last Monday, 7 January 2019, Gakkum LHK together with Fleet Command II (Intelligence Detachment) and Police Criminal Investigation Unit succeeded in securing 199 wooden containers transported by KM Selat Mas (TEMAS) in Surabaya’s Teluk Lamong Port.

On the occasion of exposure to handling illegal timber cases, the Director General of Gakkum KLHK, Rasio Ridho sani, stressed that the law enforcement efforts were a government commitment to save natural resources (SDA). “We must take firm action against the perpetrators of illegal timber crimes and must not compromise because they have harmed the state. If the crime of illegal logging and circulation of timber is allowed to cause the destruction of ecosystems, threaten people’s lives, and disrupt the authority of the state, “he said.

Rasio Sani added that currently the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has taken action on 575 criminal cases up to P21 (prosecuted), filed a civil lawsuit against 18 corporations with compensation decisions in which 10 lawsuits were granted by the Supreme Court with a verdict of more than Rp. 18.33 trillion, and 564 corporations have been sanctioned, and some have their licenses revoked.

“KLHK and other law enforcement officials continue to collaborate so that the enforcement of environmental and forestry law is increasingly effective and has a deterrent effect. At this time law enforcement officers are united against the network of environmental crime and forestry, “Rasio Sani added.

The Director of Forest Protection and Prevention, as well as the Chair of the KLHK SDA Rescue Task Force, Sustyo Iriyono, who led the illegal logging operation said that this secured illegal timber is Merbau wood, estimated at more than 5,812.77 cubic meters with a minimum value of around Rp 104.63 billion.

“This prosecution operation originated from reports from people who suspected the transportation of illegal timber from Papua at the end of the year. Apparently, the perpetrator thinks the security forces are being complacent after the year-end holiday. The information was followed up by analyzing the data and carrying out intelligence operations where there was information on ships carrying illegal timber for Surabaya, “said Sustyo.

KLHK Criminal Law Enforcement Director Yazid Nurhuda added that currently KLHK investigators are still examining documents and physical wood transported by KM Selat Mas and securing evidence so that they immediately enter the investigation phase of the parties involved. While it was related to the previous operation, four corporations had been named as suspects.

JPIK dynamist Muhamad Ichwan appreciates this operation. He requested that the handling of investigations and investigations be carried out openly and transparently to be completed. He also offers JPIK which has networks in almost all regions in Indonesia – including Papua – to work together to dismantle this case.

Source: Press Release of the Gakkum Directorate General and Kompas