Jakarta, January 15, 2014, Suwono (68) a resident of Jambeyan Hamlet, Tanggel Village, Randublatung District, Blora Regency, Central Java with 11 other residents namely, Radi, Dami, Kohar, Wadi, Winarto, Jarum, Warni, Joko, Mitro, Broto , and Lasinah, experienced “seizure” of land by KRPH Tanggel. KRPH Tanggel is part of KPH Randublatung, which ironically has received the “Controlled Wood Standard For Forest Management Enterprises” certificate.

Suwono is known to have worked on the land for decades from the inheritance of his parents named Surohardjo Samidjan (late). Its land area of ​​6000 m2 has been recorded in Persil 0329 and also book C of Desa Tanggel with No. 405 and registered with the tax object (PBB) at Pati District Tax Service Office on September 13, 1990.

Suwono as the rightful owner of the arable land has submitted a written report to the Blora District Head with copies to the Head of Randublatung District, Tanggel Village Head, Randublatung Police Chief, Danramil Randublatung, Blora DPRD, Blora NGO, and National Commission in Jakarta so that law enforcers can resolve “appropriation “The land is cultivated by KRPH Tanggel.

According to Suwono’s statement, since he reported the occurrence of “land grabbing” actions to several related parties, unpleasant actions arose as stated by Hadi, Mantri KRPH Tanggel (Saturday, 11/23/2013) that “the rice fields should not be cultivated, and if it is worked out, it will be reported and reviewed by the police. ” Then, the house lived with his wife was terrorized by unknown people. “Our house was stoned and caused roof damage,” said Suwono.

Even more worrying when Suwono and his wife returned from Gabusan Village, Jati Doplang, when he was riding a motorcycle, people were followed and had been hit from the right side and fell down. As a result of the hit-and-run Suwono fainted and suffered injuries on his feet, knees, fingers of his hands, until his head leaked (12-21/2013).

This event is ironic because KPH Randublatung has a certificate from SGS Qualifor with No. SGS-FM / COC-009321. Published on March 30, 2012 and ended March 29, 2017 with an area of ​​32,646 ha of forest concessions.

“With the emergence of events that Suwono faced, it was seen that the SGS Qualifor Certification Agency was not careful in issuing certificates to KPH Randublatung. Because, FSC Controlled Wood Standards require free from violations of the civil and traditional rights of the surrounding community. SGS Qualifor must freeze the certificate in the name of Randublatung KPH before the problems faced by Suwono are resolved “. Close Andrianto, JPIK Focal Point (Central Forestry Independent Monitoring Network).

CP: Andrianto (085742743960)