Makassar, March 11, 2019. Good news for the Director General of Gakkum KLHK, after one week of hearing, Basling Sinaga, SH, MH, Makassar District Court (PN) judge – who presided over the pretrial hearing proposed by Sutarmi (CV Rizky Timber Mandiri); Toto Solehudin (CV. Mevan Jaya); Suryo Egar Prasetiyo (CV Edom Artha Jaya); Ir. Budi Antoro (PT Harapan Bagot); Daniel Garden (PT Mansinam Global Mandiri); Ir. Thonny Sahetapy (PT Rajawali Papua Foresta) – Monday, March 11, 2019, rejected all claims of applicants registered in the Makassar Court Number: 05 / Pid.Pra / 2019 / PN.Mks.

The Director General of Gakkum KLHK Ratio Ridho Sani appreciates the decision of the Makassar District Court judge and encourages all KLHK investigators to continue to uphold justice, professional, transparent, fair and accountable so that they can be accountable for any legal efforts made to the public.

The Petitioners’ lawsuit includes:

  1. Declare an illegal search and seizure by law;
  2. Declare an investigation order, Notification of Commencement of Investigation (SPDP), Invitation Letter and Court Letter appointed to each applicant on January 25, 2019 null and void;
  3. Stating the ownership of the goods the applicant is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
  4. Ordered the respondent to return, release and or send the goods belonging to the applicant in accordance with the Company Note.
    The Makassar District Court Judge rejected all claims of the Petitioners (Sutarmi and friends) and decided the respondent’s actions in the form of a legal search and seizure and imposed legal costs on the Petitioners.

Ditjen Gakkum KLHK