This monitoring is carried out by JPIK Jambi in May – June 2016.

CV Balam Jaya is not included in the list of IPHH in the Merangin District Forestry Service, CV Balam Jaya received wood from Pulau Bayur village and Rantau Limau Kapas village through two lanes namely the waterway through Kayu Harbor Pulau Bayur Village and continued by land to CV location Balam Jaya. In addition, they also receive wood from Selango Village by land. From the results of discussions with workers and interviews with communities around the types of wood entering CV Balam Jaya, among others Meranti Merah, Meranti Batu, Meranti Bawang, Mampiai, Surian / Suren, Tambalun, Patanang, Tembesu, Kempas, Rengas, Keruing and Meranti Kuning .