Monitoring done by JPIK East Kalimantan in July – August 2016.

The findings of the monitoring of SVLK implementation conducted by JPIK East Kalimantan in July – August 2016 include:

  1. There was no socialization by the company or the village government regarding the establishment of PT Fajar Surya Swadaya in Muara Toyu Village, Muara Pias Village, Perkuwen Village. It was indicated that the village government had served at the time and that had some land area that gave PT FSS permission to manage the forest area in the area.
  2. Environmental impacts on the Talake River and Toyu River in Toyu Village and Pias River in Muara Pias Village and Tunan River in Waru Subdistrict, since PT FSS began operating, during the dry season the river discharge decreased rapidly, and when the rainy season caused River water becomes very cloudy and causes flash floods and brings a lot of logs and twigs from FSS cultivated land.
  3. The compensation from PT FSS for the impact of the fire that spread to the community’s land in Muara Pias Village and Toyu Village was not done to all affected landowners.
  4. Until the monitoring was carried out, there were still boundary conflicts between the company and the community in Muara Pias Village, Muara Lambakan, and Muara Toyu.
  5. PT FSS has violated an agreement with the community in Muara Lambakan Village not to work on community land before the community agreed.