Monitoring was carried out by JPIK North Kalimantan and the JPIK National Secretariat in September 2016.

The results of the monitoring of PT Intracawood Manufacturing’s IUIPHHK did not reveal any discrepancies in the results of the assessment conducted by PT Mutuagung Lestari. All raw materials received by PT Intracawood Manufacturing come from companies that have obtained timber legality certificates, namely PT Intaca Hutani Lestari and PT Intracawood Manufacturing HPH. PT Intracawood Manufacturing does not have a production target, so it only processes raw materials in accordance with available raw materials. In the management of industrial waste, PT Intracawood Manufacturing will collaborate with the city government of Tarakan to utilize production waste as a source of electricity.

The entire production of PT Intracawood Manufacturing is exported, as much as 90% to Japan, and the rest to Korea. Unfortunately, the product is ready to send and is not given a V-legal mark. Therefore, JPIK advises the company to provide a V-legal mark on the product that is ready to send.