Behind the shade of the trees, amidst the melodious chirping of birds, a story of harmony between humans and the forest is engraved. Forests are not just vast expanses of green, but are home to biodiversity, a source of life and guardians of natural balance. However, as time progresses, the relationship between humans and forests begins to erode. Excessive forest exploitation, land clearing for development, and environmental pollution have threatened forest sustainability and disrupted the natural balance. As a result, natural disasters such as floods, landslides and droughts are becoming more frequent.

Realizing this, now is the time for humans to re-establish harmony with the forest. The integration of people, forests and sustainable living is the key to building a better future.

In this edition, there is a lot of focus on the relationship between humans and the environment. From discussions about the important role of young women in forest conservation efforts, to interesting career opportunities in the field of forest monitoring and green jobs, the concept of Eco-Harmony which integrates humans, nature and sustainable living, as well as the use of digital bird’s nest adoption programs to realize human harmony and nature.

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