Sebangau National Park plays an important role in the conservation of wetlands. The Sebangau peatland ecosystem covers 462,718.25 ha or 81 percent of the total national park area. Of the total area of ​​peatland in Central Kalimantan – the largest in Kalimantan – 17.4 percent is in the Sebangau National Park. However, according to the results of the analysis of JPIK satellite images of Sebangau National Park forest cover from 2013-2015, there was an deforestation of 18,920.9 ha, including 5,120.5 ha of which were in Palangkaraya which correlated with the area affected by the fire.

JPIK monitoring from the end of 2016 to early 2018 found that forests and peatlands had been converted and burned for oil palm plantations in Tangkiling and Marang, Bukit Batu District in Palangkaraya, one of the Sebangau National Park management areas. The results of the monitoring also confirm that oil palm is planted along the border and even within the National Park area.

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