East Java Province has an important role in the downstream distribution of timber in Indonesia with the aim of exporting to the whole world. East Java Province is also the region with the largest number of wood industry distributions. Therefore it is necessary to have a monitoring carried out by JPIK East Java on the implementation of the SVLK.

Based on the East Java Mangkubumi-JPIK PPLH report which was launched on February 28, 2018 entitled “7 Years of Monitoring of Wood Processing Industry” it was stated that during 2011-2017 cases of violation of the Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) were still rampant and the mode was repeated, violation findings were categorized in 4 aspects, namely violation of the legality of raw materials, business licenses, violations of compliance with K3 standards (occupational safety and health) and environmental violations.

The book report can be downloaded via the following link:

7 Tahun Memantau Industri Pengolahan Kayu