PT. Arara Abadi is one of the Industrial Forest Industry (HTI) companies in Riau which also part of the Sinarmas Group managed to imprison one of the BONO tour guides in Sungai Kampar, Hendri Bin Apan (25 th), a resident of Teluk Meranti on 16 March 2014. Pelalawan with an arrest warrant number: SK.Kep / 49 / III / 2014 / Reskrim with criminal offenses “Everyone is prohibited from carrying out plantation activities without ministerial permission in the forest area and forest burning” which is known to occur on Sunday, February 02, 2014 which then around 17.00 WIB in the concession area of PT. Arara Abadi DITRIK Merawang Kelurahan Teluk Meranti, Teluk Meranti District, Pelalawan Regency.

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HENDRI who was the victim of an arrest was reported by BERNARD S, who is a public relations staff (PT) Arara Abadi Merawang District with a police report numbering LP / 55 / III / RIAU / RES PLLWN on March 16, 2014. According to information gathered from the reporter, BERNARD S reported HENDRI on the basis of recognition and information as well as evidence from two witnesses named RIKI and WARMAN who are subordinates of the ACAY leader of the MERANTI MAS COOPERATIVE in the Teluk Meranti area. In his statement the witness had evidence of a video and photo recording that HENDRI was burning land in the concession area of ​​PT. Arara Abadi Merawang District on February 2, 2014 at around 17.00 West Indonesia Time. But the reporter (BERNARD S) never saw any evidence presented by the witness. Only based on verbal information from witnesses, the reporter reports HENDRI.

However, based on the examination by Pelalawan Regional Police on March 16, 2014, HENDRI declared itself innocent and never opened or burned land in the PT. Arara Abadi on the date stated. So that HENDRI only signed Official Report of Declined Arrest. But starting on Sunday afternoon (March 16, 2014) until now HENDRI is still in prison at Pelalawan-Pangkalan Kerinci Regional police station.

According to information from the DEWI, the siblings of HENDRI, had some irregularities in the arrest of his sister.

  1. HENDRI was arrested without an arrest warrant by the Teluk Meranti police personnel on Sunday afternoon (March 16, 2014) at his home located in Teluk Meranti. The police personnel promised that HENDRI would only be taken around 2 hours to HENDRI’s wife who was at home at that time. On the grounds that the police needed HENDRI’s testimony regarding the land conflict issue of Koperasi Meranti Mas. But until evening, HENDRI never returned home, and this condition made the family wonder.
  2. The HENDRI arrest letter was received by the HENDRI family at night which was “entrusted” by TONY, one of the residents of Teluk Meranti who also went with HENDRI to Pelalawan Police Station in Pangkalan Kerinci. There has been a lie to HENDRI’s wife during the arrest process and of course this violates the procedure of arresting civilians by the police. The HENDRI family demanded that the police be able to show evidence and be met with witnesses who were burdensome to the HENDRI so that he was arrested. Because according to the acknowledgment of the HENDRI he never did the opening or burning of the land as stated by the Reporting Party.
  3. The reporter (BERNARD S) also never saw the evidence presented by the witnesses and only based on verbal information from the basic witnesses of BERNARD S. Was it indeed a class of PT. Arara Abadi can be arbitrary with small people who are not necessarily guilty?
    The Pelalawan Resort Police promised the families of the victims to show evidence on Tuesday (March 18, 2014) at 3:00 p.m., but after waiting, it was not shown, then promised the next day at the same time. Even the reasons for not being able to show the evidence were not delivered to the families of the victims. Likewise with information from witnesses who incriminate HENDRI, it cannot be reconciled. Even the families of victims who continued to ask questions related to witnesses and evidence of arrest were driven out of the investigator’s room.
  4. The status of HENDRI which is currently a suspect and has been in prison in Pelalawan Police Station starting from Sunday afternoon (March 16, 2014) to the present. Will HENDRI spend more time without certainty?
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Based on some of these irregularities, the victim became confused by the HENDRI arrest process. What’s wrong with catching HENDRI?

For more information, please contact:

DEWI / SIMAMORA (HENDRI siblings); 0823 8703 1225
BERNARD S (Reporter | Public Relations Staff of PT. Arara Abadi Merawang District); 0821 7153 2571
YUYU ARLAN (Sinarmas Group Public Relations); 812 763 8678
AKP DWI ATMAJA (Head of Pelalawan Regional Police)
0812 7647 6888